Artspace, Phaidon, and Independent present three new editions by Jameson Green

Artspace, Phaidon, and Independent are pleased to announce a collection of three new editions by New York-based artist Jameson Green, the artist’s first printmaking commission to date. Cain and Abel I, II, III  comprise a new body of work in a series that explores three distinct perspectives on the biblical story of Cain and Abel. All three hand-painted lithograph editions include generous embellishments by the artist in variable colorways.


Taken together, Cain and Abel I, II, and III probe an iconic historical narrative with pointed acknowledgment of social injustices and bold color play, all of which have come to define Green’s greater visual language. 

Cain and Abel I Jameson Green
Jameson Green
Cain and Abel I, 2023

Cain and Abel I presents a pared-down investigation of pure line and form, stripping away all but the core visual and narrative elements of one of the most well-known Western parables. Subtle tonal variations throughout the edition of 12 references the raw natural materials employed throughout the labor-intensive lithography process: stone, pigment, paper.

Cain and Abel II Jameson Green
Jameson Green
Cain and Abel II, 2023

Cain and Abel II builds upon this simplicity with the introduction of new elements in the form of additional figures— animated anthropomorphic witnesses to the scene—as well as dynamic contrasting color. Each monoprint within this edition of twelve features a highly individualized color palette.

Cain and Abel III Jameson Green
Jameson Green
Cain and Abel III, 2023

Cain and Abel III, the series’ crescendo, heightens its drama with a dense composition, maximalist approach to color, and additional witnesses from the animal kingdom added to the cast including an owl mid-flight, watching above the two brothers as the story reaches its climax. Like Cain and Abel II, this edition features 12 distinct monoprints with significant variation in color throughout.