Untitled, 2016


Oil on canvas

17.72 x 14.96 in

45.0 x 38.0 cm

Unique Work

This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity


About The Work

Thomas Fougeirol’s paintings are to be crossed like territories.

The completed canvas is not the only thing to be taken into account. There is also every element that leads into and out of it. In fact it is a universe of fragments that have been collected, recorded and assembled without any obvious logic, stones that once together eventually compose some sort of a ford.

What can be found there? Always life realities, recorded on a sketch or a photo. They may belong to the urban world, or they have been picked by the artist during his strolls, or else they are in his studio.

Some are both trite and peculiar, such as this tiara abandoned on the street. Others are mortuary, such as these wreaths. There are remains: empty masks and dresses, as if discarded by the face or the body that ought to wear them. There are wire mush windows and skateboard ramps.

To the artist’s eye, these elements spark off appeals, not because they might directly lead to creation, but because they are the soil on which his imagination feeds, whatever they might become later. They are the immediate and short-lived realisations of muted interests that work under the layers of paint, once they have been clarified.

They attest of links, more or less visible, that are woven in the unconscious. Indeed one can build bridges: a photo displays and empty showcase in a museum, while on another one a sort of hopscotch game is drawn on the floor, whose rules are unknown – gaps to be filled, code to be broken, universe to be borne to light.

We accept to be caught by a sharp drawing, and then to be scratched by branches, an ornament on a painting in the studio. We stop opposite the diabolical door of a confessional while elsewhere, our eyes are attracted by the chiaroscuro of a tunnel. There are dark stiff urban blocks, and further in a corner, the disconcerting body of a stripped down car.

From near-emptiness to baroque profusion, the outlines of objects and the material they are made of, disconnect and mingle. These visual uncertainties, together with the concomitant use of the negative and the positive, transform the reality into some radiography waiting to be revealed.

Finally, there are many figures that belong to screen or film. They remind us of the thick layers through which our eyes discover the world, similar to a window whose dinginess may pass for the landscape supposedly rolling beyond.

Everything is borders, glides, passages.

Courtesy of Praz-Delavallade

About Thomas Fougeirol

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