Andrew Birk

Andrew Birk’s practice loops broadly from the traditional two-dimensional surface to writing, sound, fashion, photography, and digital media, and then back to painting; harnessing the noise by which today’s dissolving parameters sing. Often involving a sensory experience, Birk’s work articulates complex scenarios and stimuli through the course of vigorous research. 

Birk’s work has been exhibited internationally, including solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, New York, and widely in Mexico where he has lived since 2011. Exhibitions include, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, (Oaxaca City), Museo Universitario del Chopo (Mexico City), Yautepec (Mexico City), Lodos (Mexico City). Birk has worked internationally with Christopher Crescent, (Brussels), Galerie Torri (Paris), Johannes Vogt (New York) and Anonymous Gallery in New York. His work has been published in magazines such as ArtReview, GalleristNY, I-D, Huffington Post and Vice.

Courtesy of Anonymous Gallery.