Andrew Laumann

Andrew Laumann’s work is rooted in an energetic and responsive process that is at once an index of place as well as an encryption of its content. His large paintings are constructed from commercial materials, mainly advertising posters that appear in serial patterns around New York. Laumann receives them new and in bulk as they are a result of excessive production practices. The printed image becomes the support for the paint, as well as the material that ultimately gets applied to the surface of the canvas by being torn, glued, and reapplied in a chaotic, yet methodical, manner. The resulting works hold the aura of the materials' original imagery, now latent in character, and are composed of electrified labyrinths that exist as a visually active meditation.

He has had solo exhibitions at Terrault in Baltimore, Farewell in Austin, Galerie Jeanroch Dard in Paris, and Penthouse in Baltimore. His work has been included in two-person and group exhibitions at New Museum in New York, Outpost in Brooklyn, Signal Gallery in Brooklyn, Nudashank in Baltimore, 12 Mail Gallery in Paris, Pre Teen Gallery in Mexico City, Reference Gallery in Richmond, and Scott Projects in Chicago, among others.

Courtesy of Springsteen Gallery