Balam Bartolome

Balam Bartolome perceives his work as a connection between objects, images and the system where they occur. The result is expressed as sculpture, video, text, photographs and drawings where these experiences reflect temporariness in a specific space. His works trying to reveal the juncture, ruins and cracks where nature and civilization are divided each other, where instinct and poetics hybridize, and how culture and individuals collide like “significant meteors”. His intention is to work around this, find the plugs where these converge and create artistic bonds in between, “art is not about creating, it is about transforming.”

Bartolome’s work has been exhibited in non-profit art spaces, galleries and museums in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, UK, Uruguay and USA. In 2014 he had a solo show at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, in Mexico City. In 2004 he received the Young Creators grant sponsored by the National Council for Culture & Arts (CONACULTA) in Mexico. His first book Batalla de Ciervos (Battle of the Stags), was published in 2013 by the Taller de Ediciones Económicas, with the support of Jumex Foundation.

Courtesy of Kandor 13