Bernadette Corporation

The origins of Bernadette Corporation lie in the organisation of parties in downtown New York, their mock incorporation and ambiguous branding strategies developing in the mid '90s into a women’s fashion line. Their engagement in quotation, concepts, fictions, appropriation, provocation, hoaxes, and anti-artistic postures of crass commercialism have subsequently seen them move within the fields of magazine publishing, film production, political activism, literature and the market-driven art world.

Across Bernadette Corporation’s twenty-year history and mutable membership there runs a thread of anonymity and opacity, the rejection of normative social forms and appellations such as being an artist, or a political activist. This 'whatever' subjectivity is as evident in the twenty-something museum guard turned model/muse anti-heroine of their 2004 novel Reena Spaulings, as it is in the radicality of Black Bloc anarchists at the heart of the 2003 film Get Rid of Yourself.

Courtesy of ICA.