Bob Henriques

Bob Henriques was a photographer known for his candid and revealing snapshots of some of the twentieth century's most iconic figures and moments. Associated with the storied photojournalistic cooperative Magnum, Henriques captured the zeitgeist of the 1950s and 1960s, from Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs to Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom to Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Seven Year Itch. A master of Surrealist Andre Breton's "decisive moment," Henriques brought the spontaneity of street photographers like Garry Winogrand and Elliott Erwitt to his famous subjects, from Katherine Hepburn laughing demonically on the phone to Shirley MacLaine caressing the bald head of Soviet premier Nikita Khruschev on his 1959 US Tour.