Christopher Mir

Many artists address post-apocalyptic landscapes and fantasy realms in their work, but few do it as well as Christopher Mir. Mir's paintings are inspired by his imagination and the images that he finds in the digital realm. Consisting of figures juxtaposed with dream-like environments, the works give us a glimpse into a post-industrial world full of awe yet seething with terror. Mir, who has studied under John Moore, John Walker, and Alfred Leslie, was among the first dozen artists to be invited to join the Artist Pension Trust.

Interview with the Artist

1. Who is your favorite artist?
2. What's your preferred mode of transportation?
3. If you found $20, what would you do with it?
Cash it in for an eleven and nine ones.
4. What is your idea of happiness?
I prefer equanimity.
5. If not yourself, who would you want to be?
The bass player for Radiohead.
6. Who was your first love?
My great-grandmother.