Cosimo Cavallaro

COSIMO CAVALLARO makes sculpture that resembles easily recognized natural forms, at least superficially. The sculpture establishes its own identity, however, creating an unnatural, almost magical presence. Color and form merge in Cavallaro’s objects, to the point where their earthy humor gives way to an ethereal spirit. They maintain an almost disembodied sensuousness as if pure color could jell into simple – but provocative – shapes.

Cavallaro began this body of work in New York but quickly recognized that this was the kind of sculpture best fabricated and best understood in California. He moved west to participate, philosophically and technologically, in the kind of artistic thinking now uniquely associated with Los Angeles. The Los Angeles art world has been responding appreciatively, recognizing that Cavallaro, with his sensuous, irreverent, and deeply intuitive approach, is reconfiguring the visual language of “light-and-space” into something that straddles the sexy and the sublime.

Courtesy of the artist | text by Peter Frank