David Rappeneau

The work of David Rappeneau, like the artist’s own biography, is laconic. Absent from language, Rappeneau’s drawings activate the potential for a more complex communication, albeit in a more opaque form. Rappeneau’s drawings can be characterized by the use of ballpoint pen, fluorescent marker, thin acrylic paint, and by spatially distorted, hyper sexualized drawings of young men and women, often in the process of smoking cigarettes, taking pills, using their laptops, or looking at their phones. The artist’s approach to drawing is surrealist and documentarian at once, illuminating youth culture in a stylized manor reminiscent of graphic novels and anime.

Rappeneau had shown his drawings in a number of exhibitions at Queer Thoughts in New York, Chicago, and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, Arcadia Missa, London, Balice Hertling, Paris in addition to Tomorrow Gallery, New York and online at 100% Net Gallery. His work has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, Kaleidoscope Magazine and NewCity Art