Despa Hondros

Despa Hondros’ work mirrors the building blocks of natural phenomena using a minimal set of elemental forms. Her drawings invite the viewer to reflect on the boundless variation that exists in seemingly identical natural structures at a micro and macro level. Her obsessive desire to represent this subtle variation produces works that entice the viewer to closer examine the drawing and be rewarded with the complexity and intense detail of the image.

In one completed image over 50,000 tiny circles are individually drawn by Hondros in pencil, or in another, one continuous pencil line creates an image of infinite subtlety and density. From these myriad marks, renderings of natural phenomena—rain, waves, forests—emerge with rhythmic peacefulness.

Hondros has shown her works in a number of exhibitions in Australia including Brightspace Gallery, Victoria , Long Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, Adelaide Perry Gallery, NSW, Mornington Regional Gallery, Victoria, 45 Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne, and Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, among others. She was also finalist for a number of art prizes including the 2014 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, South Australia and 2015 Hutchins Prize, Hobart, Tasmania.

Courtesy of the Artist