Egan Frantz

Egan Frantz's work combines contrasting representations of different types of labor and consumption. While his sculptures and installations appear minimalist in their composition, they are formed from highly charged, iconic objects that are combined to dramatic effect. He juxtaposes materials and imagery with a sense of strange humor, employing unusual objects such as champagne bottles, porcelain statuettes, and marble blocks, forcing the viewer to reconsider the everyday. Frantz is concerned with examining the function and symbolism of familiar objects and their places within complex systems, reflecting his interest in the ways in which the world is organized and understood. Notably, Frantz's background is in philosophy rather than art, and his practice is influenced by a wide range of theorists, including Freud, Heidegger, Meillassoux, and Kant. 

Egan Frantz had his solo show at Art Statements in 2013.