Emily Auchincloss

Emily Auchincloss is a painter who locates areas of uncertainty in relationships between forms and symbols. Her interest lies in flattening hierarchies of ground, space, and object through playful and unexpected means. Elizabeth Murray, Rebecca Morris, Judy Ledgerwood are important references for her projects, and also Tibetan Thangka paintings—she worked at a museum dedicated to Tibetan Art for a number of years. Auchincloss generally works in oil and also recently in gouache and ink on paperclay tablets, which affords her the chance to build up and excavate textures and images. She uses tools such as chisels, sandpaper, and microplanes to score and carve the surfaces of her intimate wall tablets.

Auchincloss’ work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent shows include Lost Cat at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Pulp Painting at Studio Apothiki, Cyprus and Decisions at curatingcontemporary.com. 

Courtesy of the Artist