Eric Croes

The sculptor Eric Croes has been working several years on the development of his themes of choice through the medium of ceramics. Motivated by both his personal interests as well as his practice, Croes, like many artists of his generation, utilises new tools and new production methods, transcending longprevailing polarities: craft versus art, tradition versus modernity, art versus design, traditional tools and media versus technology. For Croes, ‘making’ is a key concept that leads to a return to the workshop, the apprenticeship of autonomy and the pleasure of craftwork and actual doing.

Croes' selected solo exhibitions includeAlbert Baronian, Bruxelles, La Chapelle de Verre, Ronquières, Rossicontemporary, Brussels, Galerie du Botanique, Bruxelles, Gare du Congrès, Bruxelles, Musée du Château et Chapelle de Calvairiennes, Mayenne, CODE/BURO, Bruxelles, Galerie Bis Heute, Bern, Galerie Fast Forward, Antwerpen, and Galerie Frame, Bruxelles. 

Courtesy of Rossicontemporary