Frank Benson

Brooklyn-based artist Frank Benson is best known for photographs and sculptures that push the boundaries of precision and attention to detail. In his own words, his goal “is to create works that are unquestionably intentional in their realization and open ended in their logic.” Benson uses modern manufacturing processes to realize maximum precision in his sculptural works—digitally drafting his sculptures before having them fabricated in traditional materials such as stone and bronze. The resulting works are incredibly lifelike. His photographs share a similar uncanniness, with precise staging and lighting making buildings appear more like abstract paintings than the actual world outside.

Benson has had a solo exhibition at the Miami Art Museum. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at the 2015 New Museum Triennial, the Sculpture Center, the Astrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne Kunst, and the Rubell Family Collection, among others.