Glenn Kaino

Disillusioned by the perceived avarice and pretension of the contemporary art world, Glenn Kaino began incorporating magic in his multimedia works. Striving to capture a sense of joy and wonder, he impels the viewer to participate and to complete the work, eliminating division between art and audience. In Experiments from The [Space} Between (2011), Kaino teamed up with magician Derek DelGaudio to stage a show, combining music, videos, performances, and illusions, that explored the notion of art as experience. Investigating the formulation and transmission of information in Knowledge Transfer (2011), he prints and manually smears explorers' maps, rendering them unreliable and distorting the borders of the known world. Kaino has exhibited his work at the Whitney Biennial and the Cairo Biennial, as well as a number of institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Andy Warhol Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A.