Gosha Rubchinskiy

Fashion designer, photographer and filmmaker Gosha Rubchinskiy’s artwork and collections are inspired by youth culture and skaters, and reference Russian religious roots. Having grown up in a country undergoing political, economic, and cultural change after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, Rubchinskiy’s designs are for a generation of post-Soviet youngsters.

In 2008, Rubchinskiy launched menswear label Aglec (ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ), describing it as "a personal take on the fetishistic uniformity of Moscow street gangs’ post-Perestroika suburb sportswear, mixed with political paraphernalia." Referencing Raegan’s Cold War-description of the USSR, Rubchinskiy’s first collection, Empire of Evil was presented at the end of 2008 for SS/09. His second collection, Growing and Expanding, was shown in a disused Orthodox church-turned-gym in Moscow’s suburbs. Rubchinskiy’s third collection, The sunrise is not far behind the mountains, consisted of three parts: a video shot in St. Petersburg, a book of photographs, and the collection itself. In 2010, the designer presented his fourth collection, Slave, as a part of Fashion East Menswear Installation. Rubchinskiy has been working with Comme des Garçons since 2012.

Courtesy of ICA London