Issy Wood

Issy Wood is an artist and writer living and working in London. Wood's works are reminiscent of inadvertent sketches in which one can discern the outlines of people, animals and objects. The impulsive and yet rigid brush strokes on her paintings correspond to a nearly impossibly full representation of person, object and feeling. 

Born in North Carolina, Issy Wood moved to the UK to study at University of London. She graduated in 2015 with a BA in Fine Art and Art History and is currently undertaking her postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools. She had a solo presentation, Rosetta Stone, at Triumph Gallery in Moscow in 2015. She has also participated in group exhibitions including "Neo-Pagan Bitch Witch!", Evelyn Yard, London (2016); "Streams of Warm Impermanence", David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2016); "Chatsubo", Kraupa Tuscany Zeidler, Berlin (2016). 

Courtesy of Studio Voltaire