John McAllister

Unabashedly evoking the bold lines and radiant color washes of Post-Impressionist artists such as Henri Matisse and George Braque, the landscapes and still life compositions of American painter John McAllister appear like looking through a window. Rendering scenes of nature, interiors and still arrangements McAllister layers his imagery with wallpaper-like patterns, placing square scenes like photographs on bright stripes, triangles, foliage and dizzying optical repetitions. Using color as a provocation, McAllister clashes his blazing palette with a determined intensity—jarring neon oranges and hot pinks overlap deep navy blues and purples, resulting in a body of work that encourages the viewer to “luxuriate in their experience of the medium.”

McAllister has had solo exhibitions at Hagiwara Projects, Tokyo, Japan, James Fuentes, New York, and Ribory Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland. Group shows include Cue Art Foundation, New York, and Zach Feuer, New York, NY.