Kenya (Robinson)

Kenya Robinson­­­ is an interdisciplinary performance artist whose work examines gender, race, and consumerism. She addresses popular culture in her work, merging themes of mass consumption with notions of social consciousness as well as viewpoints on cultural standards and constructs. In 2011, she conducted a performance titled The Inflatable Mattress, where she offered multiple hosts 10 hours of housework in exchange for a place to stay and toothpaste. In 2013, she initiated an ongoing project titled #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET, in which she carries a small figurine of a white male in her pocket and documents it on Instagram. Both projects are part of an ongoing discussion about privilege and marginalization in her work.

Robinson­­­’s work has been exhibited and experienced in New York at RUSH Arts Gallery, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Brooklyn Academy of Music, RECESS Activities, The Kitchen, Museum of Modern Art, and Creative Time.