Lamia Ziadé

Born in Beirut, Lamia Ziadé is a storyteller, painter and illustrator. Her unique voice combines perspectives from the East and West, in a sensual tone that is intimate and nostalgic, yet reflective of a universal sentiment.

Lamia has authored and illustrated several books. Weaving both personal stories and collective memory, Bye Bye Babylone (Denoël, 2010) is a recounting of Beirut in the 1970s. Ô Nuit Ô mes Yeux (P.O.L. 2015) traces the exceptional lives of great female singers from the Arab world, starting in the 20th century and spanning the cities of Cairo, Beirut, Jerusalem, Damascus, and Alexandria. Her most recent book, Ma Très Grande Mélancolie Arabe, explores a century in the Middle East.