Laura Buckley

A painter who uses video or sculpture rather than canvas, Laura Buckley creates work intended to enchant and disorient, experimenting with the tactility of space, sound, and abstracted video montages. In Fata Morgana, her 2012 installation at London’s Cell Project Space, Perspex mirrors refracted Buckley’s video collage across the walls of a hexagonal structure built within the gallery. Accompanied by an ambient audio track of music and mundane noises, the imagery was kaleidoscopically splashed through the room, occasionally arranging itself into recognizable forms, but often simply titillating with its painterly splashes of patterned color and form.

Buckley’s work has been exhibited internationally at venues including the Zabludowicz Collection in Finland, the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg in Germany, and the Serpentine Gallery in London.