Lesley Dill

Frequently drawing inspiration from literature and poetry, Lesley Dill works with a diverse range of materials and mediums—from cast bronze and sheet metal to horsehair and paper—to explore the symbolic and visual potential of language. She often layers fragments of poetry over the human form, as in Faith (2010), a bronze figure emblazoned with a line from Kafka's Metamorphosis, emphasizing her belief in the transformative, visceral power of language. As Dill explains, "Language is the touchstone, the pivot point of all my work."

Dill's work has been exhibited in solo shows throughout the United States, and has been included in group shows such as Slash: Paper Under the Knife at the Museum of Arts and Design (2009), Reconfiguring the Body in American Art 1820—2009 at the National Academy Museum (2009), and Threadbare: A Subversive Aesthetic at SUNY Stony Brook (2003).