Mamadou Cissé

In 1978 Mamadou Cissé arrived in France at the age of 18, and started working in diverse jobs in industrial trade, design and bakery. An autodidact, he went back to his artistic practice in 2001 and started drawing during the long hours as a night watchman. Since then he draws imaginary cities, birds-eye perspectives, and futuristic visions, very colorful and rich in picturesque details. He creates his own world, fascinated by the world cities, their architecture, their urbanism and their energy. Mamadou Cissé believes in progress, better future and living conditions. He dreams ideal cities, with houses for all, and colors to spread Joy. “I am futuristic, forward ho!” says the visionary artist.

Since 2009, Mamadou Cissé has taken part in many exhibitions in institutions including Fondation Cartier, Paris, Dakar Biennale, Senegal, and Fondation Blachère, Apt, France.

Courtesy of Marie Finaz Gallery