Maria Jimena Herrera

Colombian artist María Jimena Herrera’s interests are based in her use of raw materials that have been wasted, degraded or forgotten. At first glance, these materials seem unusable, but through their transformation and changed significance her work is established. The artist bases her work on personal experiences that cover collective issues. Her practice does not pretend to answer the exposed subjects, but instead aims to make the viewers question and interpret the artwork based on their own experience.

In 2016, Herrera participated in two art fairs, the Paratissima art fair in Macedonia and the Accessible art fair in New York City. In that same year, she presented exhibitions in group shows—one in Adelaide, Australia and another in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2015 she participated in the “feria del millón” and was awarded second place in the international contest “YICCA” Young International Contest of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy.

Courtesy of the Artist