Maria Lynch

Brazilian painter and sculptor Maria Lynch is deeply influenced by the vibrant culture and colors of her home country. In her paintings color breaks out of its boundaries, not contained in a dot but bursting out of its bubble to take over the canvas. Layers of paint show evidence of the destruction and recreation of thier patchwork bodies. Similarly, her intertwined and layered hanging sculptures combine brightly colored textured fabrics and constructed plush forms. Her works, which often feature the silhouettes of fashion models on a background of abstract forms, explore themes such as body image, identity and the boundaries of the conscious and unconscious, erotica and play, pleasure and guilt.

Lynch’s work has been presented in exhibitions at the Imperial Palace in Rio de Janeiro, the 6th Curitiba Biennial, the Museum Contemporary Art in Niteroi, Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and the Jerwood Space in London, among other institutions.

Courtesy of Residency Unlimited