Miki Kratsman

Israel's highly distinguished photographer, Miki Kratsman has, for over 22 years, been infinitely committed to seriously documenting the evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and mainly, its bitter consequences on the daily life of the Palestinian population. From Kratsman's point of view, an accumulated documentation of this difficult daily routine—a routine comprised of different kinds of obstruction, death, memory, hope, insult, anger, hatred, or acceptance—is more important, significant, and even disquieting than any specific documentation of a potentially spectacular or extreme event .

Miki Kratsman was born in 1959, Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 1971. His photographs appear regularly in Ha'aretz newspaper in the column "The Twilight Zone," on which he is signed together with the journalist Gideon Levi. Since 2006 he presides as head of the photography department of Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem and he was the fifth recipient of Robert Gardner Fellowship in Photography from the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology at Harvard University in 2011. He was also the winner of Emet Prize for Science, Art, and Culture in 2011. Kratsman exhibits consistently, in Israel and throughout the world.

Courtesy of Chelouche Gallery