Navid Nuur

"Many of my pieces begin with an object or an idea that irritates me," Iran-born Dutch artist Navid Nuur says of his work. His practice fixates on this kind of discomfort as part of a larger attempt to make works that transform common objects. Nuur recontextualizes the everyday, giving his viewers a shifted experience of familiar objects and phenomena. Working in multiple media, from film and performance to sculpture and installation, the artist's practice blurs the lines between various forms, resisting simple classifications. Nuur describes his work as "interimodules," indicating their flexible identification and ability to function in different ways depending on the relation to other pieces. These "interimodules" often have the feel of found object assemblages, resulting from his tendency to repurpose all types of materials: neon lights, iPhones, and piles of trash have all been employed in his work.