Orit Raff

Orit Raff creates spare photographs, installations, and video works that revolve around themes of intimacy and the private self. On an aesthetic level, the starkness of Raff's imagery relates her work to the Minimalist movement, but the references to everyday life and objects that populate her work tend to suggest a Pop sensibility. In the late 1990s, Raff created two significant groups of works: the first, Freezers, is a series of nine large-scale photographs of the interior of Raff’s antiquated freezer, their frigid imagery is evocative of the Northern Romantic tradition of Caspar David Friedrich and his dramatic icy landscapes. The second project was a series of video images depicting water in states of precipitation and movement as well as a steam room, Jacuzzi, and swimming pool filter, all in a manner distinctly reminiscent of bodily functions. Her project Insatiable, meanwhile, which she undertook in the early aughts, dramatically yet poignantly considers bakeries as metaphors for life and death cycles.

Raff’s work has been shown widely in Europe, Israel, and the United States of America. She currently lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and daughter.