Richard Dupont

Known for his work in sculpture, drawing, and printmaking, Richard Dupont has made a career out of studying the human figure. Using the body as his subject, Dupont explores the way in which it represents manifestations of power and control, and looks at how the body has been mapped and represented throughout history. In 2001, Dupont began a project in which he scanned and replicated his body in smaller scale, a process that led to several diverse projects, including full-scale nude sculptures, as well as a series of bodiless heads. Interested in the way we scrutinize ourselves, Dupont sees his reproductions of the human figure as a way to highlight the idea of “self-surveillance,” and to note the way in which we map our lives through accumulating details.

Dupont has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Lever House in New York and Middlebury College Museum of Art, and has been included in group exhibitions at institutions such as the Flag Art Foundation, the Museum of Arts and Design, and the International Print Center New York.