Sojourner Truth Parsons

The work of Canadian artist Sojourner-Truth Parsons combines elements of occult, sexuality and folk art, exploring the realities of lived and borrowed histories. Toeing the line between fantasy and spiritualism, Parsons’ mixed media compositions include materials such as fabric scraps, cardboard, glue and paint. Wide eyes, large mouths and thickly laid color characterize her figures, whose bodies twist and meander through abstract space.

Parsons’ work has been exhibited at Khyber Centre for the Arts, Halifax, Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Phil Gallery, Los Angeles, Night Gallery, San Francisco, Asya Geisberg, New York, and Jessica Bradley Gallery, Toronto. She recently toured with neo-folk band Tasseomancy, creating site-specific installations for their performances at venues across Europe.