Sophie Bocher

Black sandstone, which she prefers as her chamotte, is at the origin of her work. She works the lines and the curves with a knife, creating voids and solids, in search of a fundamental harmony. This is also an investigation into light, the way it circulates around the volumes, touches on the metal surfaces, clings to the grain of the minerals, and gets absorbed by plasters. Sensuality permeates every line and volume. Creating a balance between abstraction and figuration, she produces essential and primitive forms.

Her bronze editions result from a long and painstaking work process in collaboration with local foundries near Paris. This involves the preparation and control of wax, cast iron, chiselling and patination that make each sculpture unique and original.

Sophie Bocher was born in 1976 and has been a sculptor for 20 years. After training in photography and painting, she became captivated by materials and all the possibilities of expression contained within them. She explored sandstone and plaster at the Paris Fine Art Workshops, discovering casting techniques and the captivating world of foundries. She now lives and works in Malakoff near Paris. 

Courtesy of Emmanuelle G. Contemporary Art