Thomas Dozol

Thomas Dozol’s photography straddles the line between art and fashion, sometimes taking images of the rich and famous into conceptual territory, other times bringing high formalism into illustrative imagery. Dozol takes a particular interest in the body and the ways in which people perceive one another—he explores how we both react to becoming and purposely shape ourselves as the focus of observation.

In his 2010 series I’ll Be Your Mirror, Dozol photographs friends and acquaintances (including REM front man Michael Stipe and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans) in solitude and various states of undress, as they wash themselves and shave. In several works from this series, Dozol pictures the subjects examining themselves in a mirror, thus allowing the viewer voyeuristic access from multiple vantage points.

Dozol’s work has been shown at the NP Contemporary Art Center in New York. He was a 2012 Artist in Residence at the Clocktower in New York, and his work has also appeared in Vanity Fair, Paper Magazine, Vogue Paris, W Magazine, and many others publications.