Will Benedict

Will Benedict’s collages and paintings disrupt the usual distinctions between frame and picture, painting and reproduction. His pieces often read as paintings within paintings, as the artist intentionally calls upon the audience’s pre-determined understandings of the conventional compositions of flags or postcards. Benedict is interested in regional and national ideas of representation, often quoting clichéd painting styles associated with particular regions, such as the Fauvist paintings of Raoul Dufy, a nineteenth century French painter whose fashionable work permeate’s Parisian tourist traps and gift shops as glossy reproductions.

Born in Los Angeles and currently living in Paris, Benedict’s work has been internationally exhibited widely. Solo exhibitions include Rob Tufnell in London, Artspace in Auckland, Galerie Balice Hurtling in Paris, Bortolami Gallery in New York, and Overduin & Co in Los Angeles.