Exclusive Co-launch: New Limited Edition Prints by Charline von Heyl


Artspace, in partnership with Universal Limited Art Editions, is pleased to offer 3 captivating new editions by the esteemed German artist, Charline von Heyl, titled Old Words, Villa Curonia, and Metals Metals, exclusively available on Artspace for a limited time. Notably acclaimed by The New York Times as "one of the most intriguing abstract painters working today," Charline von Heyl's works can be found in prestigious collections worldwide, including the Tate, London; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Three New Editions by Charline von Heyl

Charline von Heyl's natural affinity for the unexpected, and joy in discovery pushes the boundary of conventional print medium as evident in the three new prints, Old WordsVilla Curonia, and Metals Metals produced with ULAE.

Inspired by the poetry of Gertrude Stein and Russell Edson, each composition is a testament to von Heyl's experimental spirit and artistic depth. The artist showcases her innovative approach to printmaking, blending graphic elements with expressive mark-making techniques.



Metals Metals Charline von Heyl
Charline von Heyl
Metals Metals, 2023

The print is inspired by the creator of prose poetry, Russell Edson's poem of the same name:


Metals Metals by Russell Edson


Out of the golden West, out of the leaden East, into the iron South, and to the silver North...Oh metals metals everywhere, forks and knives, belt buckles and hooks...When you are beaten you sing. You do not give anyone a chance...

You come out of the earth and fly with men. You lodge in men. You hurt them terribly. You tear them. You do not care for anyone.

Oh metals metals, why are you always hanging about? Is it not enough that you hold men’s wrists? Is it not enough that we let you in our mouths?

Why is it you will not do anything for yourself? Why is it you always wait for men to show you what to be?

And men love you. Perhaps it is because you soften so often. You did, it is true, pour into anything men asked you to. It has always proved you to be somewhat softer than you really are.

Oh metals metals, why are you always filling my house?
You are like family, you do not care for anyone.