Anne Imhof

Anne Imhof’s works are designed from the outset to exist in multiple versions that unfold over an indeterminate period of time and in various places. Taking up the history of performance in the domain of art as well as music and choreography, the artist examines traditional images, structures, and processes and develops new tactics that contribute to an expanded conception of performance. A crucial aspect of this endeavor is her engagement with a much-discussed genre often felt to be fraught with problems: the documentation of performance. The performance Ähjeii, for example, was first staged in 2010 as the artist’s contribution to the annual Städelschule Rundgang; a more elaborate implementation was presented at the same event in 2011. In 2012, she filmed another enactment and then showed the video while performing a live sound composition to go alongside. Exhibitions and performances include MoMA PS1, New York, Performance, Liste 19, Basel, Portikus, Frankfurt, and National Gallery of Denmark, Denmark. 

Courtesy of Portikus