Caragh Thuring

In the work of painter Caragh Thuring, she conjures a sense of surreality, arranging mundane, recognizable elements into incongruous compositions. Her paintings suggest strange alternate worlds, grounded in a slightly off-kilter gravity, with recognizable objects transformed into abstracted, bizarre forms. Interested in industry and mechanics, much of Thuring's subject matter includes sky-scraping metal towers and heavy-duty machinery, suggesting the process of building—or unbuilding—in her work. Thuring's paintings are often grounded in art history, drawing from the work of artists of the past and remaking the iconic scenes of Titian and Manet with her own abstracted visual vocabulary.

Thuring has exhibited widely throughout the United Kingdom in both solo and group shows, and she was featured in Newspeak: British Art Now II, a survey of emerging British artists, at the Saatchi Gallery in 2010.