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How to Pronounce Artists' Names, Vol. 5: Greater New York, Frieze London, Oh My Edition

How to Pronounce Artists' Names, Vol. 5: Greater New York, Frieze London, Oh My Edition
The artist Jamian Juliano-Villani (photo via Art21)

It's the question no one wants to ask: How do I pronounce [fill-in-the-blank-artist]'s name? But the alternative—butchering that artist's name in conversation with a dealer, curator, or, worse, the actual artist—is just as unthinkable. Luckily, we have a solution! Just consult our handy guide to artists you're likely to encounter at Frieze London and MoMA PS1's Greater New York, which covers both the names you don't know yet (Tamuna Sirbiladze) and also the ones you think you do (ahem, Gerhard Richter).

Ai Weiwei— EYE WAY-way

Ajay Kurian — ah-ZHAY KOO-rian

Alice Quaresma — Alice Ka-REZ-ma

Alicja Kwade — Ah-LEA-see-YA kwah-DUH

Alisa Baremboym — ah-LEE-sa BAHRM-boym

Alvin Baltrop — ahl-VEN BAHL- trohp

Andra Ursuta — ahn-DRA erz-OU-ta

Anicka Yi— ah-knee-KAH YEE

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook — ahr-AYE-ah rah-DJA-rem-SOOK

Arlene Shechet — ahr-LEAN sheh-KET

Bedwyr Williams — Bed-EH-wee-ER will-E-ams

Brad Troemel — brad TROHE-mell

Caragh Thuring— kar-UH TUR-ing

Carlos Bevilacqua — car-LOS beh-VIL-ah-KWAH

Dana Schutz— DAY-nay SHUTS

Diego Echeverría — DEE-eh-GO CHE-veh-RIA

Erika Vogt — er-i-ka VOTE

Enrique Martínez Celaya— en-REE-kay mahr-TEE-nez sell-AYE-uh

Fia Backström — FEE-yah back-STROHM

Hayal Pozanti— HAI-yal poe-ZAHN-tee

Hito Steyerl— HEE-toe STY-earl

Gerhard Richter— GARE-hard RISH-tah

Geo Wyeth — JEE-oh WHY-ith

Ignacio Uriarte— ig-NAH-see-OH  REE-ar-TAY

Jamian Juliano-Villani — JAY-mee-ann JOO-lee-AH-no vi-LAN-nee

Jana Euler — YANA YOO-ler

Jan Fabre — YAHN FAH-bruh

Jiri Kovanda — year-EE KOH-vahn-DA

J.P. Sniadecki — jay-PEA snih-DEHK-ee

Kate Steciw — kate stew-CHIF

Katrín Sigurðardóttir — KAH-treen sig-er-AH-doh-TEER

Koenraad Dedobbeleer — koe-ehn-rad DEE-dobb-EH-leer

Lebbeus Woods — leb-EH-us woods

Liene Bosque — lee-ENN BOSK

Lili Dujourie — lil-EE DOO-johr-EE

Lionel Maunz — lie-oh-nell MONZ

Louisa Gagliardi — lew-EE-sah gah-LEE-ar-DEE

Louise Bourgeois — lew-ISE boo-JWAH

Lutz Bacher— luhtz BAHK-er

Marine Hugonnier — MAH-reen OU-gon-YAY

Mark Grotjahn — Mark growt-JAHN

Magali Reus — MAH-GAH-lee ROYCE

Maxim Liulca — max-IME lewl-KAH

Morgan Bassichis — MORE-gan bahss-i-KISS

Neïl Beloufa — NEEL Belle-OU-fah

Orly Genger — OAR-lee GHEN-ger

Richard Artschwager — rich-ARD ART-schwah-GER

Rina Banerjee — ree-na ban-ER-jee

Sara Cwynar — sah-RUH swin-AHR

Sayre Gomez — say-EHR go-MEZ

Sigmar Polke — sig-MAHR pol-KAH

Silas Riener — sigh-lass RYE-ner

Simone Leigh — Sih-MOAN LEE

Stewart Uoo — stew-arht YOU

Susan Cianciolo — SOO-san SEE-an-SEE-oh-LO

Tamuna Sirbiladze — tah-MOON-uh sihr-bil-ATZ-uh

Timur Si-Qin — tim-uhr see KIN

Torbjørn Rødland — tore-BYORN rahd-land

Ulrike Müller — ooull-REE-keh MOO-ler

Zipora Fried — zih-POOR-ah FREED

Zanele Muholi — zen-ELLE-ee MOO-hole-EE

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