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How to Pronounce Artists' Names, Vol. 4: Venice Biennale Edition

How to Pronounce Artists' Names, Vol. 4: Venice Biennale Edition
The artist Tania Bruguera

The Venice Biennale is here again, and with it the chance to meet—or at least talk about— hundreds of the most important artists from around the world. It’s at the Biennale that many of the Prosecco-soaked conversations that fuel the international art ecosystem take place. 

While perusing the pavilions, however, one must be on guard for that age-old art-world faux pas: mangling an artist’s name. The last thing any of us want to do is sound like a dolt while discussing the work of Runo Lagomarsino (ROO-no LAH-go-mar-SEE-no) with the Biennale’s curator Okwui Enwezor (AWK-wee en-WHEY-zor). To help avoid this potential embarrassment, Artspace has put together a list of the gnarliest names you’ll encounter at the 2015 Venice Biennale (plus a few others that are likely to come up). 

Abounaddara — ah-BOO-na-DAR-ah (collective)

Boris Achour — BOOR-is ah-CHOOR

Saâdane Afif — sah-DAAN ah-FEEF

John Akomfrah —  jon ah-KOM-frah

Allora & Calzadilla — aah-LLORAH and CAL-zah-DEE-yah

Meriç Algün Ringborg — mer-ICH all-goon RING-borg 

Kutluğ  Ataman — coot-loog ah-tah-MON

Georg Baselitz — ghee-org BAH-sel-itz

Eduardo Basualdo — ed-uar-do  bah-SWAL-doe

Marcel Broodthaers — MAR-sell BROT-hairs

Tania Bruguera — TAN-ya bru-GARE-ah

Olga Chernysheva — OL-gah churn-e-SHEV-ah

Yves Laris Cohen — EVE la-RIS COH-hen

Philip-Lorca diCorcia — FILL-ip LOR-ca dee-COR-see-ah

Thea Djordjadze — te-ah DOR-jah-tse

Marlene Dumas — mar-LANE doo-MAH

Cerith Wyn Evans — care-ith win EV-ans

Harun Farocki — HAH-roon fah-RAH-key

Peter Friedl — PEE-ter FREE-del

Theaster Gates — thee-AS-ter GATES

Isa Genzken — EE-sah GENZ-ken

Katharina Grosse  — KAT-ar-E-na GROSS

Joana Hadjithomas — jo-ana HA-jee-TOE-mas

Jeppe Hein — YEP-eh hein

Emily Kngwarreye — em-ill-e en-WAAR-ay

Oliver Laric — OLL-e-vor LAR-itch

Madhusudhanan — maad-HOO-SOO-daan-an

David Maljkovic — DAH-vid mal-E-kov-itch

Victor Man — VIK-tor MAAN

Naeem Mohaiemen — nie-eem mo-HAI-men

Reinhard Mucha — rhine-hardt MOO-ha

Cheikh Ndiaye — shaake EN-jai

William Pope.L — will-E-yam pope-el

Przemek Pyszczek — p-SHEM-ek pish-check

Lili Reynaud-Dewar — lee-lee REY-no du-RAAN

Jacolby Satterwhite — ja-COL-bee sah-TER-white

Gedi Sibony — GED-ee si-BONE-ee

Lucy Skaer — LOO-see SKAY-er

Sergei Tcherepnin — SER-gay cher-REP-nin

Rirkrit Tiravanija — RIRK-writ tee-RAH-va-nit

Qiu Zhijie — CHEW di-jhe

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