Carlos Bruscianelli

Carlos Bruscianelli is a hyperrealist painter born in Caracas, Venezuela. After studying Civil Engineering at the Central University of Venezuela, his artistic restlessness leads him to take classes in realistic painting at the Museum Patrizia Rizzo. Specializing in the technique of oil on canvas and pastel chalk, Bruscianelli finally suspended his engineering studies in 2004 and devoted himself entirely to his artistic production. Bruscianelli says of his works, “At present, most of my works are composed of hyperrealistic still life. In them, I represent natural or man-made textures and elements including metal, wood, glass, marbles, fruits, paper, cardboard.”

In 2008, he first exhibited his work at Gallery Dimaca, followed by the recognized LPG Gallery in his hometown of Caracas. Since then, Bruscianelli has continued to show his work internationally, particularly in New York and Miami. 

Courtesy of the Artist