Chelsea Culprit

The work of Chelsea Culprit entangles representations of the body’s capacity for work, play, display, expression, the performed authenticity of identity, and the intractability of freedom and personal bondage. Her paintings incorporate three dimensional objects - nipple rings, jewelry, fabric in the shape of shoes - to create images that are more than representational. In a series of paintings exhibited at Queer Thoughts in New York, the artist depicts a woman whose job (stripping) entails the aiding and abetting of their transformation into a living image, who can be pictured in a way that engages the paradox of being at times invisible and at other times on display.

Culprit has shown her work in a number of solo exhibitions including Queer Thoughts, New York, Born Nude, Chicago, IL, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, Important Projects, Oakland, CA, and Spf15, San Diego, CA. Group exhibitions include Galleri Opdahl, Norway, Foxy Production, NY, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI, and Mana Contemporary, Chicago, among others.