Colleen Blackard

Colleen Blackard combines elements of nature and celestial images with sometimes surreal interpretations of memory, consciousness and change. These are often made solely with archival ballpoint pen, though she also works in archival marker and ink wash. All are drawn with continuous, circular, intersecting lines of ink to create a luminosity that clarifies the subject and gives life to every detail. Currently, she is creating the Abandoned Series to discover the light within her experiences through the trials of an abandoned barn. These dramatic scenes can be interpreted through a variety of perspectives, ranging from the very real dangers of global warming to personal responses to the constantly shifting changes, conflicts and locations of our modern fluid lives.

Blackard’s drawings have been shown around the world in London, Moscow, Tokyo, New York City, and more. Her work has been featured in such venues as Fountain Art Fair, Rush Arts Gallery, Family Business Gallery, Owen James Gallery, and Brooklyn Fire Proof. She was featured in the Brooklyn episode of the Japanese travel show, Hotel no Madokora, and is represented by ISSO Gallery in Tokyo.  Her drawings are also in Pierogi Gallery's Flat Files in NYC.

Courtesy of the Artist