Elizabeth Atterbury

Elizabeth Atterbury’s photographic work is motivated by her fascination in abstraction within painting and sculpture. Working primarily with paper, wood, and clay, Atterbury first establishes the basic foundation of a particular composition, then proceeds to arrange, rearrange, add, and remove individual forms based on how the composition appears as seen through the camera. Transformation of an object’s appearance particularly when locked into a two-dimensional plane is achieved through the distortion of scale and manipulation of spatial perception, constructing an index of poetic shapes that create a unique language of signs and forms.

Atterbury’s solo and group shows include The Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, kijidome, Boston, Document, Chicago, TSA, Brooklyn, Bodega, Philadelphia/New York, KANSAS, New York, and The ICA at Maine College of Art, Portland, among others. In the Middle, An Oasis, a monograph of her work, was published by Bodega Press in 2013. 

Courtesy of Document