Erika Ceruzzi

Erika Ceruzzi’s work suggests an aftermath, caused by an unidentified force. Her compositions are like tightened byproducts of mechanical motion. They bend and pivot on moments of maximal load, wriggling to escape from an operative or systematic function. She tempts an unwillingness to cooperate, or rather – diverts cooperation – with her intuitive, fluid hand.

Ceruzzi recently co-curated EVA, at Interstate Projects (New York). Solo exhibitions include Menswear at Still House in New York and m, i, n, e, at Interstate Projects in New York. Recent two-person exhibitions include Koroneiki (w/ Morgan Canavan) at Hester (New York), Material Art Fair (w/ Colin Foster) at Springsteen in Mexico City, and Jardin No. 19 (w/ Alex Ito) at Springsteen in Baltimore. Her work has been shown at Muscle Beach in Portland, Rowing in London, Rail Curatorial Projects in Miami, Yves Klein Archives in Paris, Division Gallery in Montreal, V1 in Copenhagen, and Howard St in New York.