Jake & Dinos Chapman

The Chapman brothers' work ranges from sculptures of grotesque genetic perversions of pre-pubescent girls to 3-D recreations of Francisco Goya's The Disasters of War etchings, Nazi atrocities and faux-ethnographic sculptures inspired by African fetish objects to McDonald's packaging. The brothers have worked collaboratively since the early 1990s.

Expert craftsmen of work that is as visually tantalizing as it is revolting, the Chapman brothers have steadfastly pursued provocative and shocking subject matter with subversive wit and abject nihilism. They rose to prominence as part of the Young British Artists movement and were included in the Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art, London in 1997. In 2003 they were short-listed for the Turner Prize at Tate Britain, London and were recently exhibited at White Cube, London, in 2011.