Rami Maymon

Israeli artist Rami Maymon uses his primary medium of photography to investigate concepts of originality, authenticity, and uniqueness by highlighting the relationship between a photograph’s mode of production and it’s subsequent distribution. His materials include both his own portraiture, and the pages of art books in which those portraits are reprinted, drawing connections between the original and it’s reproduction. Maymon’s work operates within the gaps between a real spatial presence, the flat photographic representation of that presence, and the potentially unlimited reproductions of that presence in the form of photographic prints.

Maymon has had numerous solo exhibitions in Tel Aviv including the Artists Studios Gallery, Tal Esther Gallery, and Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art. He participated in the 12th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Naples, Italy as well as exhibitions at the Herzliya museum of Art, Hinterhof Space in Basel and at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, among other venues. Maymon is the recipient of the Rudin Prize for Emerging Photographers, the Young Artist Award from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Joshua Rabinowitz Foundation Prize for the Arts, the IAAB and Culture-Spaces scholarship and residency in Basel, and the Critics Choice Award in the Radical-Jung Festival in Munich.