Russell Tyler

Russell Tyler creates geometric paintings redolent of both the history of abstract painting and the contemporary image space of the computer screen. While sensuous and tactile, with expressively applied oil paint and rich impasto, Tyler’s work is also highly structured and unfolds with deliberate shifts in color schemes and forms. The work invites a playful dialogue with several dueling movements from the history of abstraction, including Minimalism, Concrete Art, and Expressionism. While Tyler’s work shows the strong influence of artists from these movements, such as Josef Albers, the work is also distinctly of its time, related to digital technologies both outmoded and new.

Russell Tyler has had solo exhibitions at DCKT Contemporary in New York City, Freight + Volume in New York City, B15 Gallery in Copenhagen, Fouladi Projects in San Francisco, and Ebers Moore Gallery in Chicago. 

Courtesy of Denny Gallery