Plant Parenthood/Fertility (Damiana), 2023


Watercolor and watercolor pencil on wood panel, artist’s velvet frame

17.00 x 13.00 x 1.50 in

43.2 x 33.0 x 3.8 cm

Unique Work

This work is signed by the artist.

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17.00 x 13.00 x 1.50 in

43.2 x 33.0 x 3.8 cm

Unique Work


    About The Work

    In her Plant Parenthood/Fertility series, Bliumis renders various plants that have been used as folk remedies throughout history to aid in pregnancy, such as red clover and maca, in watercolor pencil and washes on wood panels and held within artist-made velvet frames. The artist portrays her subjects in a manner that emphasizes and exaggerates their inherent sensuality, drawing parallels between human and botanical reproductive anatomy. While the flora depicted in her previous Plant Parenthood series is known to have been used in various folk medicines to terminate pregnancies, in this chapter, Bliumis continues her research into the history of women using herbal medicine aimed at increasing fertility. Both series underscore that, regardless of legal restrictions and social pressures, women across cultures have and will continue to find methods to maintain agency over their bodies and reproductive decisions. The desire for motherhood and abortion may initially seem like opposing concepts, yet the core principle shared in both Fertility and Plant Parenthood is the belief in a person’s choice over their own body and health. 

    Before the professionalization of medicine transferred power over pregnancy, labor, contraception, and abortion care from pregnant people and midwives to male doctors, natural fertility aids and herbal abortifacients were widely used as family planning methods. In large part, these herbal rituals have been shielded from the gaze of patriarchal eyes. Bliumis’ paintings mirror the work of our foremothers who used botanicals as medicine. Without context, a viewer might only see flowers, but with knowledge, the viewer begins to understand the power and self-determination preserved by these plants.

    Courtesy of SITUATIONS

    About Alina Bliumis

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