Laure Prouvost

A rising star in the global art world, the French, London-based artist Laure Prouvost is recognized for her confounding nonlinear films and immersive environmental installations. Defiant of traditional narrative structures, Prouvost’s films integrate multiple stories and grapple with both literary and art-historical conversations. Her installation Wantee, for instance, which earned her the 2013 Turner Prize, fittingly exhibits these traits: within a tea party setting, the artist’s film charts a bizarre course through the fictional relationship of artist Kurt Schwitters and Prouvost’s grandfather. The work is noted for its unconventional combination of images and objects as well as its transportive atmosphere. This style is indeed evinced throughout Prouvost’s work, as she continuously unhinges preconceptions about the functionality of language, objects, and images, be it through a barrage of fast-paced moving pictures or a Duchampian peephole installation.

Prouvost has exhibited at the Tate Britain in London, Whitechapel Gallery in London, the New Museum in New York, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, and the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, among other insitutions. In addition to her 2013 win for the Turner Prize, Prouvost is the recipient of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women.