Oscar Tuazon

Artist Oscar Tuazon uses found and industrial materials to create installations and sculptures displaying a minimalist, do-it-yourself sensibility. Intended to deliberately blur the lines between object and architecture, Tuazon’s works are distinctly experiential. They appear to be in various states of construction or improvisation—exposed steel beams or raw concrete walls are often employed—and the role of the viewer morphs, becoming something closer to an inhabitant or visitor.

Tuazon has explained his work by noting, “I hope that the effect of my work is mostly physical. That’s what I like—walking through something, having an experience of the weight of things, or an experience of balance… That kind of really basic physical thing makes the work interesting; it makes it disarming and strange.” 

Tuazon has been the subject of solo exhibitions at notable institutions including Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Fondazione Giuliani in Rome, the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis, and Paris’s Palais de Tokyo.